Piggy Bunk Beds

Color - White

🛏 Our Piggy Bunk Beds are the ultimate hang out spot for your guinea pig to chill out or have a long, deep nap. The bottom bunk is great for lazy pigs who like an easy way into bed and the top bunk is great for jumpers who love to sleep with a view. 

💤 Our Piggy Bunk Beds are made from high quality, environmentally friendly polypropylene, are BPA free and contain no-odor. *If you notice your pig is chewing the plastic and pieces are coming off, remove the item immediately from cage. * Piggy Bunk Bed Pee Pads are not included and must be ordered separately.

📏 Bunk Bed Dimensions:
L: 11” W: 7" H: 8"

🚚 Returns/Exchanges:
We are not able to accept returns/exchanges at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

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