Mini Pig Mats

Color - Coral

🐽 Pigs Mats are the hottest item to have in your guinea pigs' cage! With over 6 colors to choose from you can mix and match the colors to style your cages or even collect the full collection. Not only do our Pig Mats offer a SUPER plush surface for your pigs to be cozy on, but they provide such easy cleanup for owners like you! Just roll up, dump and place back into the cage. They are perfect underneath hidey houses, tunnels, hay racks, and just about anywhere else!

🧼 Pig Mats will need to be washed more than your regular full cage liner as this is where your guinea pigs will do a majority of their business. We recommend having at least two Pig Mat's so when you need to switch them out, one is clean and ready for use.

📏 Size:
Length: 22" Width: 16"

💪🏼 Production:
Each of our Pig Mats are made with love. They are produced using 100% polyester to offer your guinea pigs a super plush surface.

🚚 Returns/Exchanges:
Since every item is handmade and/or customized, we are not able to accept returns/exchanges at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Leo S.
Pigs love them!

I've had these for about a month. They are perfect for protecting the inside of tunnels! My senior pigs definitely appreciate the extra softness too :)

Isabelle W.
Amazing products!

I’ve had my pig mats for almost 2 years and they are doing so strong! Definitely worth the money!

Karen P.
Love love love!

I love these pig mats, and so do my pigs!

Diana L.

So soft and easy to clean! My piggies love it!!

tina l.

Love the mini pig mats! So soft and they wash well!