Cozy Cabana


🐽 Summer just got a whole lot better for your piggies! Our cozy cabanas offer a cozy place for your piggies to hide away and relax after a very long day of being cute! Made from all natural and uncoated wicker, our cozy cabanas are completely safe for your piggies to chew on and ingest.

*Fleece pee pad not included*

💛 A great source of enrichment and they keep your piggies' comfortable.

📏 Size: 12 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches

🌿 Ingredients: All natural and uncoated wicker

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lisa U.
Lively quality.

Lovely quality and bigger than I thought. Worth every penny.

Megan T.
Love it!

My piggies fight over the cabana all the time. They love it!

Kristin V.

My pigs immediately fell in love with their cabana. A couple of their bunk bed mats works perfect to make it extra cozy. It is very sturdy. I have a feeling it will last much longer than their hay houses.

Angel J.

This is a lot bigger then what I thought it was going to be, not that I or my two boys are complaining, they both went to chew on it right away no problem getting in and being able to crescent out to sleep in. The only thing I wish there was is an absorbent pad to buy to put on the bottom for the poop and pee but I cut up an fleece blanket the has been wicked and will just be changing that put as need be.

Michele E.
Loved this cabana

Speckles & Sugar Cube love this so much, they have eaten out around the small window in the back- so now there are two entrances!!! Great quality.