2nd Cut Timothy Hay


🌿 Cut: 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

⚖ Weight: 6.5 lbs

We all know the number one way to a guinea pigs' heart is to feed their bellies with the most delicious foods. Here at The Pig Room, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we offer you the cleanest cut and excellent quality hay that is sure to keep your piggies’ happy, safe and healthy.

Grown in the Midwest, our second cut timothy hay offers better tooth health with its crunchy texture and provides the most amazing burrowing material. Making up 80% of your guinea pigs' diet, hay is considered to be one of the most important foods that your pigs should always have access to, so we provide you with a hay that is sure to keep your piggies eating!

To ensure every box you receive is quality standard, our hay goes through a dust filtering system to filter out small debris. We then hand pick out anything that shouldn't belong in your guinea pig's enclosure to make sure every box is safe to eat.

🚚 Returns/Exchanges:
We are not able to accept returns/exchanges at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

NOTE: Our Timothy Hay is not available in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. 

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Nice store waiting to buy something/hay

this store is safe I mostly came here for my bunny cheap price and good quality