Piggy Dome

Color - Red
🐽 Your guinea pigs cage just got better with Piggy Domes! Coming in 6 colors, this 4-entrance hidey house/tunnel is the perfect item to add to your piggies habitat where they can run and sleep inside of it. It also double as a look out spot for those who like to jump on top of their hidey house! It is made from high quality plastic to ensure it can hold the heaviest pigs.

🧼 Sanitize your Piggy Dome's with every cage clean using a 50/50 water and vinegar solution and wipe thoroughly with a paper towel to remove any pee and poop.

📏 Size:
Length: 10" Width: 10" Height: 7" Entrance Hole: 4"

💪🏼 Production:
Our Piggy Domes are produced using polypropylene which is odor free. Please note, if your piggies find interest in chewing on their piggy dome, remove it from their habitat as ingesting plastic can cause digestive issues.

🚚 Returns/Exchanges:
Since every item is handmade and customized, we are not able to accept returns/exchanges at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.
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