Pig Beds

$14.95 Regular price
Color - Lilac

🐽 With pig beds, nap time has never been better! Offering your piggies a soft space to sleep, our pig beds hold in warmth with their faux lamb wool fabric and provide a plush surface your piggy is sure to pancake out on. With its thick and squishy rim, it acts as a comfortable pillow where your piggy can rest their head and also creates a barrier at keeping in the poops. Pig beds are perfect underneath hidey houses and tunnels or even on there own!

🧼 Pig beds will need to be washed more than your regular full cage liner as this is where your guinea pigs will do a majority of their business. We recommend having at least two pig beds so when you need to switch them out, one is clean and ready for use.

📏 Size:
Length: 16 “ Width: 12”

💪🏼 Production:
Each of our pig beds are made with love. They are produced using 100% polyester to offer your guinea pigs a super plush surface.

🚚 Returns/Exchanges:
Since every item is handmade and/or customized, we are not able to accept returns/exchanges at this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

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